About the Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma in Pastry Arts:

ICDE’s flagship pastry program is the Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma in Pastry Arts. This is an intensive training program designed to set students on a path to become pastry chefs, cake designers or rising culinary professionals.

While we provide students with practical and applicable foundations that are in high demand within the pastry industry, our ultimate goal is to give aspiring pastry chefs the tools and building blocks from which they can improvise and explore their own creativity.

Who is the program aimed at?

The program is aimed at all those who are passionate about pastry arts, whether beginners or with experience.  The essential requirement to attend this program is a high degree of motivation.

Do you aspire to launch your own high-end pastry shop or café, prepare impressive desserts for catered events, or simply design artistic cakes for your friends and family? If so, this program is for you.

The program delivers a wide range of skills and technical knowledge, and you will be trained alongside our Master Teachers to craft sophisticated and delicious pastries, chocolates, viennoiseries, and plated desserts.

Certifications: earn two Diplomas with worldwide recognition

ICDE is a private higher education Institute that specializes in Culinary and Pastry Arts training programs.

Students will obtain an ICDE Certificate in Pastry Fundamentals upon passing the exam for the Basic level of the Diploma program. Upon passing the Advanced level (ie the second and final level), students will be awarded with our Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma in Pastry Arts. With an industry network of around 25’000 Disciples Escoffier chefs around the world, this certification benefits from a good  recognition.

Furthermore, ICDE is accredited by the French Ministry of Education, and the Diploma’s final examination is independently supervised by a representative from the Ministry. Students will thus obtain an additional recognition, a French National Certificate in Pastry Arts, further enhancing their prospects to pursue an international career in the pastry arts.

Core curriculum: contemporary French pastry

Drawing inspiration from the rich pastry and baking traditions of France, as well as contemporary creations from celebrated pastry chefs and fine dining establishments, our Pastry program is designed to be constantly evolving, through recent technical innovations and the latest global trends.

Numerous techniques and recipes of French and international pastry classics will be covered in the program, including:

– Fundamental pastry skills (including measurements and tools, food safety and  hygiene

– Tarts (classic pastry doughs include pâte brisée, pâte sucrée and pâte sablée)

– Pâte à choux (a dough used to make pastries such as Eclairs and Religieuses)

– Pâte feuilletée (multi-layered flaky pastry used to bake Tarte Tatin and Mille-feuilles, among other pastries)

– Cakes (covering a wide array of techniques and recipes such as Cheesecake, Chocolate Sponge, Green tea sponge, Christmas Log)

– Viennoiseries (exploring several variations of Croissants and Brioches)

Petits Fours (bite-size confectioneries including Macarons, Madeleine, Opéra)

Chocolate (learning about the chocolate origins, production and structure, techniques such as tempering melted chocolate for dipping candies)

– Sugar (used for making many of the embellishments and adornments, sugar techniques are among the most challenging and artistic skills taught in the program)

Program structure: focus on practical training

The program is taught over 480 hours, three-quarters of which is hands-on practical training in the kitchen classroom. Background reading materials are also regularly handed out to students, who study at home for the theoretical components of the course.

The course is organized into two levels, split into the Basic Level and Advanced Level, each lasting 240 hours. Each session lasts 4 hours, for a total of 120 sessions. Students need to have completed the Basic level in order to enrol for the Advanced Level. The pace of the program accelerates as students progress through the sessions, and learning is cumulative and fast.

Language: English

Classes and examinations are delivered in English language. It is important, therefore, to have a reasonably good level of English in order to successfully complete the program.

The ICDE experience: small classes and premium facilities

We ensure that class size remains small and benefit from the support of one Master Teacher and at least one Assistant Chef. The high teacher-to-student ratio, a hallmark of ICDE, enhances the learning experience. With no more than 16 students in the pastry program, your learning is our main focus.

Students also benefit form the premium kitchens and individual working stations offered throughout our locations. From the first class onwards, students work with professional quality equipment, learning and developing essential techniques through cumulative practice.

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