About the Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts:

ICDE’s flagship program is the Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts, an intensive training designed to prepare students for the demanding pace and standards of the western fine dining industry.

Core curriculum: Classic French Cuisine

The curriculum is based on the tradition and fundamentals of French gastronomy. While integrating some of the latest techniques, equipment, and plating trends, the core program is firmly rooted in both:

1. the classic foundations of Escoffier’s “Guide Culinaire” (originally published in 1903 and still widely held as the “Bible” of French modern cooking), and

2. the French official curriculum for the CAP program in culinary arts (the training undertaken by the vast majority of professional chefs in France).

Classic French cuisine techniques and recipes provide students with the building blocks for exploring further all types of Western cuisines.
Coursework will include knife skills, stocks and sauces, vegetables and grains, meats, fish and shellfish, eggs, pastry and desserts, plating and menu design.

Program structure: focus on practical training

The program is taught over 600 hours, 90% of which is practical training in the kitchen classroom. Background reading materials are also regularly handed out to students, who study at home for the theoretical components of the course.

The course is organized into three levels, structured into Level 1 (Basic French cuisine), Level 2 (Intermediate French cuisine), and Level 3  (Advanced French cuisine), each lasting 200 hours. Each level of the program has been organized to teach the essentials of French culinary arts. The pace of the program accelerates as students progress through each level, and learning is cumulative and fast.

We aim to provide students with practical, applicable skills that are in high demand within the fine dining and luxury hospitality industry. Our long-term goal is to give aspiring chefs the fundamental techniques and skillsets from which they can improvise and explore their own culinary creativity.

The ICDE experience: small classes and premium facilities

We ensure that class size remains small (maximum 20) and benefit from the support of one Master Chef-instructor and at least one Assistant Chef. The low student-to-teacher ratio, a hallmark of ICDE, enhances the learning experience through individualized coaching, a rarity among professional culinary schools.

Students also benefit form the premium kitchens and individual working stations offered throughout our locations. From the first class onwards, students work with quality equipment, learning and developing essential techniques through cumulative practice.

Certifications: Double Diploma with worldwide recognition

Our Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts benefits from a solid recognition in the culinary industry thanks to the worldwide Disciples Escoffier network. Additionally, students will obtain a Certificate in culinary studies delivered by the French Ministry of Education, further enhancing their prospects to pursue an international career in the culinary arts.

The Disciples Escoffier Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts



(a government-regulated National Diploma
awarded by the French Ministry of Education)